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We want clients to feel as comfortable using our systems as they do using their own mobile devices. While the technology of a fully integrated space may have many moving parts, and be quite complicated, we strive for the user experience be simple, straight forward and intuitive.
— Harley Ellis, owner
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Harley Ellis ,  Owner

Harley Ellis, Owner

I cut my teeth in the high end Home Automation market in Aspen, CO.  I started in the architectural dept. of an Integration company drawing CAD while still in high school. Thats when I decided two things, I never wanted to sit behind my computer screen at a desk and draw CAD, and that the design, construction and installation of all that was arising in the technology field was exciting really to me.  I wanted to be a part of it.

I first started in the warehouse and parts purchasing, then pre-wire, then shadow training with other techs.  I became an apprentice tech and started from the ground up.  I focused and worked hard, taking in knowledge and applying my new found skills on grand scale projects around Aspen.  Making my way through different training and certifications in programming and advanced install techniques as well as employee training and project management.

As part of a fast paced and ever expanding company I was able to help lead the charge into new markets across the country and internationally.  Creating a travel team and ultimately opening other offices.

Through my time with other companies I developed standards and practices as well as specific design and business intentions.  In 2010 I left the security of the employee status to break out on my own and establish what is now Ellis Audio Video.

I spent the first 5 years as a designer and consultant, helping other small companies with their work loads as a sub contractor, and with the structure of their businesses as an industry mentor.

In 2015 I moved from Austin, TX back to my home state of Colorado, Settling in Denver. It’s been a truly rewarding change and the Denver market is in an exciting time of growth.