The design process for a great commercial system is quite different from that of a residence. So many more moving parts in the build process. We seek to help our clients and build partners navigate the different stages with ease. We have had the pleasure of installing our systems into many of the great restaurants, bars, office spaces and small businesses of Denver and even out of state for our franchise and multi-location owners. Our curated suite of products insure simple, reliable and repeatable systems are designed. Our project management team makes sure that the process stays on budget and on time. Our service team monitors and maintains the system ensuring reliability and smooth operation into the future.


consultation, design & project management

Our initial consultation gives us a good idea of the needs and the specifics of the project. From that meeting we design a system that not only meets your current requirements but looks ahead to future capability.

Based on years of industry experience I approach system design with an aim towards budget, high function and ease of use. Creating spaces that can be enjoyed now and expanded upon as technology and needs evolve.
— Harley Ellis, Owner

Once a design is decided upon we shift into a Project Management role, coordinating with general contractors, architects, designers and the on site supervisors and build team as well as other trades to ensure a smooth install through all of the project phases.


prewire, trim & installation

The days of pulling miles of wire through a business are behind us!  With advances in equipment and WiFi technology less wire is needed to offer incredibly connected and reliable systems. For larger scale MDU and Commercial projects we have partnerships with larger commercial Infrastructure and Network solution companies to expand our capabilities and installation team size to meet the needs of those projects.

A quality installation isn't just about the equipment. It's about an eye for detail. Following the aesthetics of the deigned space and complementing them. Clean. Level. Understated.

From the grandeur of a multi-TV sports bar to the subtlety of hidden audio in a salon, we pay close attention to whats right for the space and the feel and functionality that the design intends.


quality control, client training & maintenance

Test, test, test, test.

We test relentlessly, then we hand over a system that we stand behind. It doesn't end there.

We then train you how to use it. It doesn't take long with the new Savant App. It's incredibly intuitive and leaves little room for error. It's more about familiarizing you with the control and personalized experience you can now enjoy,

In the event that things fail, as can happen with electronics, or even if it's just a need for some firmware updates or upgrades, we are here to provide dedicated service.  We will seek out the issue and then inform you of your options for solutions before moving forward. With our web based monitoring and maintenance we can often solve issues without rolling a truck and taking up more of your time than needed.